30 Day Self Love Challenge
Make time for YOU this New Year! 

Join the Yoga Loft community Friday January 18  to Saturday February 16 as we create a 30-day challenge to prioritize health, healing, and a sustainable practice for 2019!

Participate solo or invite a friend to enjoy the process with your choice of challenge – do 3, 5, or 7 classes per week.  The goal for challengers is to make time for self-love so that you develop a regular and sustainable yoga practice.  This challenge will be hosted by Yoga Loft teacher Tracy Penny Light and owner Marcia Wilson.

The challenge will unfold in 3 stages with special classes and intention-setting in each:

Day 1-10: Letting Go
Focus on letting go of your ego and preconceived ideas about yourself and your practice.  Engage in strategies that will enable you to create a habit that allows you to relax into the rhythm of the challenge.

Day 11-20: Empower Yourself
Enjoy the way yoga empowers you as you build a sustainable practice from the roots up!

Day 21-30: Sustain your Practice (On and Off the Mat)
Set goals for the future of your practice and reflect on your challenge without judgment.

$25 to register for the challenge plus the cost of your pass to practice yoga.

Already have an unlimited pass?  You are all set! Need a pass?  Get an unlimited challenge pass- become a “member” for the month for $75 (normally $100).  Students receive a special discounted monthly pass for $50 (normally $60)- this pass must be purchased in studio.

Don’t miss these special events:

Sunday January 13, 3-5pm
Intention + Goals Setting- Q and A for anyone who is still a little unsure!  More info and register here
Friday Jan 18th, 7-9pm
Yoga, Wine + Chocolate Tasting with Privato wines and Tracy- Register Now

Saturday Feb 2nd, 2:30-5:00pm
Partner Yoga with Martina and Aina- Register Now!

Saturday Feb 16th, 10:00-11:15am
Team Taught Karma Yoga with Wayne and Tracy Save your spot!


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Sustainable practice that reflects personal loving kindness is the best kind of practice!