Starts March 27-29/2020, Kamloops, Yoga Loft

The Yoga Loft, along with Lila Rasa Brown of Revolution Yoga School, are super excited to host Kamloops 300/200 hour yoga teacher training in 2020. Revolution Yoga, owned and operated by Lila Rasa Brown, is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance at both the 200 and 300- hour level.

Students enrolled in the 300/200-HR program will embark upon a remarkable journey that is sure to offer deep and extraordinary transformation on many levels. Each participant will travel through the many different facets of what it means to be a modern-day yoga teacher, and how to fully answer this deep calling of the heart.

Webinar with Lila Rasa Brown

To check out a webinar with Lila Rasa Brown where she talks about the program and answers some questions you might have CLICK HERE

Class Schedule

Weekends, which will run Fri 4:30-8:30pm, Sat 10am-6:30pm, and Sun 9am-5:30pm:

  • March 27-29;
  • April 24-26 

5-day Modules, which will run Fri-Tues 10am-6:30pm:

  1.  May 15-19;
  2.  June 5-9: Natalie Rousseau for a module of celebration!
  3.  June 26-30;
  4.  July 17-21;
  5.  August 7-11 (300 HR students only);
  6.  August 28-September 1 (300 HR students only)

One more weekend:

  • September 25-27, 2020: Practicums & Graduation!

For the full course content and syllabus – in detail- click here!

Cost and Participation Options

Below are the payment options, depending on whether you are doing the 300 or 200 HR Teacher Training. There are also other participation options for those that have an interest in just participating in a module(s) or the weekend session(s).

GST is not included in listed prices.

Upon acceptance to the program you will be emailed a link where you will make your tuition payment.

Participation Options:

Certification Options

If Paid in Full

Payment Plan


Deposit Date

First Payment


Monthly payments

300 HR




Mar 15, 2020


Apr 15, 2010

$570 (6 payments)

200 HR




Mar 15, 2020


Apr 15, 2020

$500 (5 payment)

Note: * If paying in full, the funds must be paid by/on March 27, 2020 (the first day of classes) *
The payment plan requires that you sign a letter of commitment. Late payments are subject to a $50 administration fee **

Individual Module participation (5 days):
Participant cost $650 per module – due on start date

Weekend participation (3 days; either March or April):
Participant cost $350 per weekend – due on Friday of class

Master class participation (Sunday mornings for 2 hours: 10 am-12pm):
$35 per class, or
$150 for 5 Sunday classes

Value Added Offerings

  • Unlimited passes for drop-in yoga at The Yoga Loft valid April 1 – Sept 30, 2020
  • All training attendees entered into draw to win an additional 6 Month Pass for Yoga valid Aug 1-January 31

Applications Process & Deadlines

Applications are now being accepted. All applicants to the Program, including those who would like to attend a module(s), must first fill out a one-time application form to be completed and submitted for review and consideration. To access the Application CLICK HERE!

FINAL DEADLINE for application submission and payment/deposit is March 15, 2020.

You will be notified by email of your status in the training within one week after your application has been received. If you have not received confirmation by email, please contact Martina at

Upon acceptance to the program you will be emailed a link where you will make your tuition payment.

ABOUT THE TEACHER- Main Teacher Lila Rasa Brown

Lila has been immersed in the yoga industry and culture for the better part of two decades. In her youth she expressed her passion for movement as a dedicated student of ballet, however her years of dance led to injuries and restriction. When she discovered that yoga could not only liberated her from her former discomfort, but also open a door to a whole new universe of sacred embodiment, Lila was hooked for life. The practice of yoga and meditation led her to what is clearly her calling – helping others to awaken their own authentic nature and find freedom in body, mind and spirit.

After deep and devoted study with a long list of renowned teachers including John Friend, Desiree Rumbaugh and Doug Keller, Lila became a Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher in 2005. The following year she opened Gateway Yoga in Raleigh, North Carolina which she operated for more than 5 years.  Although she has stepped away from Anusara, she continues incorporating skillful alignment and action in the body with yogic myths, philosophy and evolutionary astrology to create a rich, profound and soulful experience for her students both on and off the mat.

As the Teachers’ Teacher, one of Lila’s greatest joys is to guide her students into a space of radical transformation, empowering them to truly embody their own potential as teachers of yoga. Her training programs connect aspiring yoga teachers with their capacity to gracefully lead yoga classes from a well-informed place. Students embark upon a remarkable journey that offers deep and extraordinary transformation on many levels. Each participant travels through the many different facets of what it means to be a yoga teacher, and how to fully answer this deep calling of the Heart.

As Creative Director, Lila was responsible for the overall vision, philosophy and management of the Vancouver School of Yoga from the Spring of 2016 through the Spring of 2017. Through Lila’s yoga school, the Revolution Yoga School, she continues to co-create and offer programs of excellence in the yoga community, empowering teachers to authentically step into the seat of the teacher with confidence and grace. Her fourteen years of facilitating yoga immersions and teacher training programs has given Lila the ability to continually refine her craft, as has owning and managing her own yoga studio for 5 years, and offering her heart through these elegant practices.


I practice because yoga has helped me to fall in love with life.  I stumbled into my first yoga class almost by accident and came away with a daily practice that continues to bring clarity, depth, and strength to my everyday experience. My personal journey on this path of yoga began in the late ’90s, and like any intimate relationship, it continues to reveal ever more subtle layers of insight and wonder with each passing year.
I teach yoga because I believe in its power to heal and to transform and  I have seen that  yoga can offer these gifts to anyone, no matter where they are starting from. To me, yoga is a path of both self-empowerment and deep humility, and to be a teacher on this path is one of the greatest honours of my life.
My classes reflect the knowledge I have received in my many years as a student of the Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Anusara traditions, all spoken through the lens of my own personal life experience. My offerings are infused with the things that inspire me most, and so you can expect the asana practices that I teach to be woven around themes related to the power of practice, the wisdom of nature, and the wonder of living an ordinary life lit up through mindful presence.
At this point in time, most of my energy goes into programs where I can foster a more intimate and supportive relationship with my students, for this reason, I no longer teach drop-in classes. I am primarily focusing on yoga teacher training and mentoring, as well as yogic lifestyle programs. I teach online, and in person, and spend a fair bit of time traveling around BC to offer live events.

Quick Links

  • To access the application CLICK HERE
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  • To watch a webinar with Lila Rasa Brown and find out more about the training CLICK HERE


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