Thank you!!  Reflections from Hornby Island

IMG_7388 I spend time here with family each summer- this little island with deep energy, big heart and a loving embrace that manifests in the people we have met here and the spaces in nature where we rest and receive.  Hornby is a time for standing in the moment, acknowledging what is, and gaining clarity. My time here allows me to move forward from a place of deep listening.  Nourished and nurtured by the ocean, trees, sun and space, I am able to step into a creative space that feeds organically into the year that is about to unfold.  I leave here knowing and settled.

The Yoga Loft is born of my time here. During my 2008 visit I underwent a deep transition and stepped deeply into my personal yoga practice.  In 2012 I spent my last few weeks here in advance of the Loft opening its doors on August 15. I wrote copy for the web site. I waited patiently to return home knowing we were opening our doors the next day.  I wondered if my vision of yoga, community, health and mindful practice would find footing.

DSC_4549 copyFour years later, my Hornby time is punctured with a little bit of work time but not too much.  To my delight, the Yoga Loft is now not only a community, but a committed family. Teachers, staff, students and volunteers are bound to each other not only by time on the mat, but by a deep sense of caring and respect for each other and for the studio itself.  More importantly, the structure of the studio- both the physical structure and the business infrastructure- have created a framework- a house, home or centre- that allows for ongoing organic evolution of programs coupled with a deep commitment to day to day strength in offerings. The Yoga Loft is a mature being. It has grown up.

now 2016 cups staffAs we move into our fifth year of operation, I invite you to step into the studio from a place of gratitude.  It is what it is because of the deep passion offered to you by our teachers. Because of the thoughtfulness of our staff. Because of the caring way our trades clean and look after the studio and our volunteers extend their love.  And because of the way the students see each other- eyes wide open- Namaste- one being of light seeing another.

Image 1And I end with my own expression of gratitude.  This year we were nominated for four Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards- Service Provider 1-10, Retailer 1-10. Community Service, and Business Person of the Year.  These nominations came from you- students, teachers and staff.  And I was deeply deeply touched when I was contacted by the Chamber and they shared with me that the nominations came from a wide range of people. After careful consideration we submitted our nominee submission papers for two of these awards.  I cannot tell you what it means to have received notice that we were nominated.  And how much I enjoyed the process of sitting back and really thinking about what we do and why.

IMG_0049So as we head into the closing of summer, as we celebrate our 4th birthday, and as we embrace the new beginnings of fall- many, many , many thanks from me to all of you.

With much love and gratitude-

Marcia-Studio Owner/Director

ps- watch for announcements about our Birthday Gratitude Sale!