Frequently Asked Questions

What You Should Know


When should I arrive?

Come 20 minutes early to your first class so you have ample time to fill out our registration forms, pay and get settled in. As a returning student 10 minutes before class is ideal.

What if I Arrive Late?

Studio doors are locked once the class is in session, so we encourage you to arrive with ample time to check in, change and settle in. Our classes for kids are an exception to this- sometimes things happen and we’d rather see your kids at yoga than not!

Do I Need to Bring a Yoga Mat?

We have lots of bolsters, blankets and blocks for you to use and recommend that you to bring your own mat. If you forget your mat at home we can lend you one for class that day- please clean it before returning it to the bin. Mats can be purchased at the studio.

Do I Have to Pre-Register for Class?

We offer two types of classes.  Drop in classes do not require pre-registration but you may want to reserve your space in class ahead of time. If you choose to reserve your space you must arrive at the studio 10 minutes before class starts or your space will be released.

Pre-registration classes include our classes for kids, teens, moms, and our specially series classes like Therapeutic Yoga and Yoga for Healthy Backs.  You must pre-register for these classes as many of them- especially our after school kids classes- sell out.

What Class Should I Take if I Have Never Done Yoga?

This depends on your health and fitness level. If you are new to yoga and movement you might want to try our Gentle Yoga or Restorative  classes or one of our more moderate classes like Foundations or Yin. Classes like Slow Flow  require a higher level of activity and ALL Flow classes include downward dogs which require you to be on your hands a lot.  Our Strong Flow classes (which require a greater degree of fitness)  are best suited to people who are injury free, looking for a workout, and have some yoga practice experience.  Your current fitness level and history of health issues and injuries will help us to help you determine which class is most suitable – feel free to call or email the studio or ask your teacher.  Watch as well for our Beginner yoga series, which we offer 2-3 times a year.

I Want to Explore Deeper Aspects of Practice – What Do You Offer?

Please join us for special events like our workshops- both with our own teachers as well as teachers from Vancouver and as far away as Los Angeles who guest teach at The Yoga Loft.

What do I Wear?

Wear clothes that are comfortable enough to move in freely but not overly baggy. Layers are recommended as you will warm up and cool down over the duration of a class. Yoga is practiced in bare feet so please be sure to remove your shoes at the bottom of the stair before entering the studio.

Cell Phones?

Please turn your cell phone off before entering the studio and tuck it away with your belongings. No cell phones are allowed in class with the exception of health practitioners who are on-call for emergencies.

Can Children Come to Class?

We offer programs for children at the studio but sometimes families like to practice together. Children 13+ are welcome in class if they are comfortable with and respectful of the yoga environment, which requires the ability to pay attention and remain focussed in their bodies.


FAQ – Yoga Loft Family

Yoga Loft Family programs are based on the belief that yoga can have a profound and positive effect on kids, teens and families. Yoga teaches us self awareness and helps us develop inner strength, personal insight, and the ability to move through life from a place of connectedness. Knowing how to calm or energize yourself, when to lighten up or get centred, how to de-stress and build confidence – these are skills for life.

Yoga Loft Family programs include yoga poses (asanas) as well as breathing practices, relaxation techniques, guided visualizations, meditation and chanting/songs. Our experience has show us that kids love this combination of activities – and their parents do too! Body, breath, mind and heart- through our yoga we learn to be fully present in our lives and to bring all aspects of ourselves together into a place of integrated peace and self awareness.

What is Grounded Yoga?

Grounded Yoga ( is a yoga program based on the philosophy that when we are “grounded”- physically, mentally and emotionally connected to ourselves and the world around us- we are able to move through life and handle its ups and downs with grace, flexibility and a positive attitude. Grounded Yoga forms the basis for many of our kids yoga programs. Grounded yoga emphasizes both the technique of yoga and an attitude of deep connection and honouring of both ourselves and the people in our lives.  The core of Grounded Yoga is a series of 84 poses called the Elevator Series. The poses are categorized into 7 different groupings that emphasize areas such as focus, teamwork, and balance. Grounded yoga is hard work and at the same time fun and playful. Through poses that range from calming to energizing, solo to partner and group, we learn to laugh, build confidence and self-esteem, and elevate not only ourselves but people around us. Through Grounded’s Quest for Elevation Program (The Yoga Loft’s “Yoga Club”) students dive deeper into the study of yoga, earning bandanas that recognize specific achievements as they move toward becoming Certified Grounded yoga teachers.

How do I register my child?

Please click here to go to our online registration site, where you can see all programs and classes for kids and adults, register your child in a program, and pay online.  For your convenience, we invite you to use this online system to register when it is convenient for you. You are also welcome to come to the studio to register – we are open for half an hour before and after each class and by appointment.

Can my child drop in and try a class?

Your family is welcome to drop in to our occasional Family Yoga classes- the perfect opportunity to try out a class as a family, and to do something fun together that will both energize and relax parents and kids alike.  Our kid and teen yoga sessions run in a series, designed to sequentially introduce your child to poses, relaxation techniques and self-inquiry. Due to the sequential nature of these classes it is not possible to drop in, but each session is only 6-9 weeks long so we welcome new students who want to give our classes a try.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions are typically two months long. There are often weeks in the midst of a session where no class is held, to accommodate for holidays, school schedules and special events.

Why Yoga?

Yoga is for everyone- active kids, quiet kids, coordinated kids, kids who have a hard time moving their bodies, happy kids, worried kids, confident kids. You and your kids!  Yoga teaches us body awareness and self awareness. It teaches us how to quiet our minds, and how to overcome challenges. We experience the joy of overcoming fears and the deep satisfaction of finding a quiet place inside that is ours alone. Yoga is not about winning or losing- it’s about bringing unity and centeredness into our lives.  Children learn ways to relax and manage stress. They learn to manage their energy and to develop a deep reserve of self confidence and self esteem. They learn skills for life.

Kids Yoga –  ages 7-12
Teens Yoga –  ages 13 +