Saturday April 4th, 4-6pm at the Yoga Loft

Over the years, many students tell me how their balance is poor and ask me how to improve it. In this comprehensive workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of building better balance, what is needed, what you need to focus and what the secrets are to increasing your balance.
Learn the proper alignment of several balancing poses along the way.
Balance is important, especially as we age, to increase our stability and prevent falls and injury. Another exciting yoga exploration I am delighted to share.

Cost: $25 / $20 for Yoga Loft members
          *prices do not include tax

About Angie:

I am a nature lover, contented traveler, intrepid snorkeler (in water and in life) and food fanatic. I advocate living life with gusto, making mistakes and getting back up again.
I believe in our innate human ability to self heal and am passionate about sharing the yoga tools to do it.
A background in 500hr Integrative Yoga Therapy as well as traditional yoga and Ayurveda training in Northern India informs my playful, compassionate and easy-going teaching style.

Join Angie For 'Align and Balance'!

Dive deep into this Saturday afternoon of balance and alignment.