screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-10-36-20-amThe Yoga Loft opened in 2012, and since that time the concept of giving back to the community has been reflected in our Mats4Kids program. Last fall alone we assisted with the purchase of over 175 yoga mats which made their way into Kamloops schools. This little program has made a difference!

To date, Funding for Mats4Kids has come through 2 streams. One of them are the occasional special events like Mike Nichols Sunday morning Meditation sessions during his visits from Vancouver . On a more consistent basis, our Karma Classes- taught weekly for free by Johnathan Ikebuchi and now Brenna Stonehocker- have supported these initiatives. I want to thank Johnathan and Brenna for their deep commitment to seva- selfless service!

We are now excited to announce that Mats4Kids has transitioned into the Yoga Loft Community Fund. Money will continue to be raised through our special events and our Karma Classes, as well as through a new stream – private donations.

The Yoga Loft Community Fund is going to serve as a reservoir to support two primary initiatives.

The first is a new partnership we have developed with the Kamloops Rotary Club. The Starfish Program is a BC based initiative that is about to be launched in Kamloops. It provides a child of need access to a backpack of food


that can help support a family over a weekend. In Kamloops the Rotary Club of Kamloops will be working with Arthur Hatton Elementary School to administer the program and has set a target of 10 backpacks for the first year. For the first year the Yoga Loft Community Fund  committed to funding one child for the school year- a $525 commitment. For 2017-2018 we will be donation $1000.  We are super excited to be partnering with the United Way, Food Bank and SD73 on this initiative.

The second initiative will be an expansion of the mandate of the original Mats4Kids program. The fund will provide financial support on a case by case basis to individuals and organizations who need financial support to either attend yoga, provide yoga classes, or acquire equipment like mats. This shift comes about both as a result of need seen though our contact with the community and through a conversation with a Yoga Loft customer who was recently in contact to offer financial support for this type of initiative.

We are excited about these initiatives and look forward to developing this program with client and Yoga Loft team support. Please contact Marcia to express interest in either making a donation, supporting this initiative or assisting with the Starfish program.