Dear Yoga Loft Community-
It is with happiness that I announce that the Yoga Loft will have a new owner. 
I am so excited to welcome Martina Schnelle back to the Kamloops Yoga community. Martina was the founder of Let’s Move and was pivotal in the development of yoga in Kamloops. Now back from Spain where she was running other businesses, we are happy to be celebrating with her. 
The first and most important thing to know is that nothing is changing at the studio for now. The staff will continue to support you and to care for the studio. I will continue to have a presence (you may even see me on the mat more!) and the teachers are continuing to offer their practice to you- our treasured students. You will see Martina taking on the Tuesday 5:30pm class, Yvette sliding to the Thursday 5:30pm class, and Maddi taking care of herself as she navigates her pregnancy. And you will see Martina’s daughter Aina taking on some of the day to day operations that I was overseeing. But you can expect everything else to stay the same for now. Any changes to class schedules in the immediate future are part of teachers adjusting their schedules rather than this transition.
Some of you might be wondering why I am stepping back. For the past 20 years I have been a creator here in Kamloops. I have a legacy of building community- bringing people together into a missing conversation. My work includes the Kamloops Triathlon Club, the Kids of Steel Triathlon, the local Chapter of the MS Society of Canada and even work on the start-up of a non-profit of family physicians.  The Yoga Loft is my most recent creation. I am so happy to pass it on to someone who is passionate about yoga and community and who understands what it takes to run a small business, and a yoga studio in particular.  I have no specific plans at this point- I will continue to evolve my health coaching work and am focussing on this transition as my current work.
You can watch for Martina to begin teaching in May, and her daughter Aina to begin working on studio admin in the immediate future. Please welcome them to our home!
with hands together in love and gratitude-
From Martina

Thank you Marcia for creating such a beautiful space.  I’m thrilled and honoured to take over what you have created over the last 7 years.  Not am I only taking over a studio, but a wonderful group of teachers, staff and students!
I’m so excited to have a place again in the amazing community of Kamloops and am looking forward to meeting everybody and sharing our love for yoga!  Enjoy this beautiful day!
We both look forward to seeing you at the studio and
 would like to invite you to a community gathering, 
Friday June 21 at 7pm, to meet Martina, 
celebrate solstice, and bask in the warmth of community!
See you there!
with love from
Marcia + Martina