Celebrating Mom’s on Mother’s Day

The weekend of May 11-12 celebrate Mother’s Day and come practice with us! Come together with your mom and one of you is welcome to practice on us- just let us know when you check in that you are joining us for the mother’s day special and one of you gets in for free!  If your mom cannot come you are welcome to bring your favorite “aunty,” family friend, or heart-mom. GIFT CARD SPECIAL OFFER! $100 gift card YOU PAY $90. $50 gift card YOU PAY $45!

Three Classes to Choose From:

  • 8:30am Foundations Class Saturday with Tania
  • 10am Slow Flow Class Saturday with Wayne
  • 9:30am Foundations Class Sunday with Paula

NOTE: teens 12+ are welcome to join their mom’s!

Celebrating All Week

Practice any time the week of May 6-12 and enter to win our Mother’s Day prize draw and gift basket.

Looking for a Mother’s Day Gift?

To buy a gift card for mom online click here. Is she new to yoga? Does she crave some time to restore and relax? Does she already practice and maybe wants a little boost? Does she want to set up an area at home where she can practice?

Buy mom one of our gift cards and let her choose how she uses it. She may decide to buy herself some drop-in yoga classes. Or maybe she’s like to use it in our retail area… buying a mat or some yoga blocks, or a book.

AND SPECIAL OFFER! $100 gift card YOU PAY $90. $50 gift card YOU PAY $45!

It will be easy for her to find a way to use her gift card. And easy for you to buy- you can do it online!  To buy a gift card online for mom click here.  You can choose to send it to her by email on a specific day or print out the gift card and share it with her when you see her.

Let her know that we are continuously stocking new retail items like mats, bolsters, eye pillows, and mala bracelets and necklaces. And let her know you love her! We look forward to seeing you at the Yoga Loft!  

Buy a gift card for mom here!

A gift card lets mom practice yoga, buy props for her home practice, or enjoy the delights of our retail studio. $100 gift card YOU PAY $90. $50 gift card YOU PAY $45.