xmas day image1I had a realization recently. I own a yoga studio- an entity that thrives with a lot of love and attention. Being present in the studio is part of the role. But there is an incredible amount of work that happens behind the scenes.  All of you- the teachers, staff, trades and students- are all part of a living community that I oversee as its guide.

Two Type of Energy…

Some days the studio needs me to be there. Like my kids, it needs me to listen and share and hug and be present. This part of running the business- the direct contact with the people who make up our community- is what really feeds me, what makes me fulfilled and happy.

And then some days- most days in fact- it needs me to do a whole lot of work behind the scenes to ensure that what you experience as a community makes sense. The web site needs to be up to date, the software where I list classes and products has to be set up accurately, our staff of 20 need to know what is happening now and over the next few months. Retail goods have to be ordered and inventoried, programs planned and marketed, and scheduling done far enough in advance that we can cover all the classes during the busiest times of the year. Facebook events and posts.  Bookkeeping, payroll, arranging for cleaning and purchase of supplies. Some of these are taken care of by my staff, but in the end there is a lot of back-end-work that takes me away from direct time at the Loft. So I dance back and forth between being present at the studio, and being very attached to my computer- usually sitting at a coffee shop.

The Value of Being “Fluid” + the Importance of Being “Grounded”

The ability to be fluid- to find myself at ease as life changes constantly around me- has been my lesson of the last couple years. Separating from my ex (who graciously co-founded the studio with me), moving back and forth between an apartment and my house before finally moving into my own house, finding a rhythm as my kids move back and forth between their dad’s home and mine. These have been lessons in being ok with uncertainty. They have reminded me of my inherent need for “home” and of the value of rituals to help keep me grounded no matter what is happening around me.

At the same time, we know that everything in life prepares us for what we encounter down the road. And that anything can be framed up positively or negatively as we choose to view it.

Choosing to Live Fully

So the new year finds me now in a place of chosen flux. In a new relationship with someone who lives an hour away I am now consciously choosing a way of life that has a great deal of movement in it. When my daughter is living with me I am in Kamloops, more available to give friends and family and the studio the “in person” love and attention that we all thrive on. My partner comes here when he can and we deepen our connection to the Kamloops community as a couple. And when my daughter is with her dad, I am living in Salmon Arm, reverse commuting to teach in Kamloops a few times a week, developing connections to my partner’s world, and putting all my attention for the studio into those behind-the-scenes efforts on the computer that make the experiences of the students, teachers and staff fluid and easy.

So 2016 will put all my off-the-mat yoga to the test. The ability to work with both steadiness and fluidity to create a life of deep fulfillment- that is where I will be placing my energy. My time on the mat and my experiences with uncertainty are now coming to fruition in a life that sees me living very happily in two places.

As we step into the new year I will continue to see you at the studio- sometimes a little more, some times a little less. I will be getting more help with my classes as I learn to navigate the time it takes to work on both parts of my business in two different homes. So when I see you, please say hello- because at the heart of it, community and relationships are what make the Yoga Loft a place I love.

-marcia wilson   December 30, 2016

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