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Classes for Kids and Families

kids-yogaYoga Loft Family programs are based on the belief that yoga can have a profound and positive effect on moms, kids, teens and families.

Yoga teaches us self awareness and helps us develop inner strength, personal insight, and the ability to move through life from a place of connectedness. Knowing how to calm or energize yourself, when to lighten up or get centred, how to de-stress and build confidence – these are skills for life.

Yoga Loft Family programs include yoga poses (asanas) as well as breathing practices, relaxation techniques, guided visualizations, meditation and chanting/songs. Our experience has show us that kids love this combination of activities – and their parents do too! Body, breath, mind and heart- through our yoga we learn to be fully present in our lives and to bring all aspects of ourselves together into a place of integrated peace and self awareness.

Our classes are taught by certified yoga teachers with additional training in pre and post natal yoga and yoga with children and youth. Many of us also have university degrees including professional backgrounds in occupational therapy, kinesiology, fine arts and social work.

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Please note that classes run as sessions with start and end dates- once a session has started you typically must wait until the next session to start attending classes.

Family Program Schedule

Family Programs

Yoga for Teens in Kamloops

Class is 4-5pm Mondays April 23rd – May 14th Pre-Registered Series $40.00 Click HERE to register! Yoga has much to offer teens. The primary focus is Mindfulness. Learning physical and mental balance, and techniques to ease stress and build confidence. Fun,...

Pre-Natal Yoga Programs

Read here to learn how to register for our pre-natal programs! LOOKING FOR MOM AND BABY AND POSTNATAL YOGA INFO?  click here LOOKING FOR YOGA FOR LABOUR PREP INFO?  click here The Yoga Loft offers ongoing Thursday evening pre-natal classes, taught by long-term...