Essential Oils for Emotions- two free sessions- Monday January 15 7-8pm and Tuesday January 16 12-1pm.

Learn about the Emotional Aromatherapy series from doTERRA- 6 blends carefully designed to support you in creating positive emotions and healing negative emotions. We will talk about the way emotions affect us, how each of the oils can be of support, and even a little bit on the chemistry.

Join Marcia Wilson for this session. To learn more about her offerings and her work with essential oils, self care and more check out her Art of Self Care web site.

note: Evening session is held at the main Yoga Loft Studio- day session is held at the Mini Loft 4-375 4th Ave just around the corner!

oil photos courtesy of Sarah Wilcox Photography + Elena Brower

Essential Oils for Emotions Session

Save your space for this session- limited space available for the Tuesday session in particular!

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