* The Feldenkrais Method is a powerful and revolutionary approach to improving your life that uses gentle, mindful movement to bring new awareness and possibility into every aspect of your life.

Saturday Feb 15, 1:30-3:30pm at the Yoga Loft

This class will invite you to enjoy ease & well being in learning new ways of breathing, moving and aligning in Yoga poses. Experience natural posture, breathing & potency in action with this somatic approach to Yoga, which integrates powerfully into daily life by helping restore self regulation of your nervous system.

Benefits of Feldenkrais:                                                                                         

  • Improves your neuromuscular functioning
  • Helps improve your posture
  • Frees your body to move more easily              
  • Teaches practices you can do at home

More info: http://sacredearthsomatics.com/

The art of body alignment is another key to good health.

Next 2020 classes dates:

  • Saturday February 15th, 1:30-3:30pm

Cost: $30 / $25 for Yoga Loft members. Rates do not include tax.

About Tyson:

Tyson Bartel, Certified Feldenkrais & Yoga Teacher I have been learning and practicing methods for Yoga since my first travels in India and Thailand in the early ’90’s. My yoga classes & workshops are inspired by Moshe Feldenkrais, a modern pioneer in brain science & somatic therapy.
I love to share Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons as creative & effective exercises for embodying the unlimited potential of Yoga: by attuning your brain & nervous system, through conscious movement, to release tension, regain alignment & heal yourself from stress, injuries & accidents.  Learning to restore self regulation of my nervous system with Awareness Through Movement as Yoga practice is helping me remember being in wholeness & unity (Yoga) by embodying myself more fully in life with all my relations.


Join Tyson For This Feldenkrais Yoga Class!

A Saturday afternoon which will help you free your body to move more easily.