The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step-  Lao Tzu

the-journey-of-a-thousand-miles-begins-with-a-single-step-quote-2Please allow me to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Pina Russo. I’m a committed annual member at the Yoga Loft and I strive to practice yoga daily for its physical, mental, spiritual and social benefits.

Just over a year ago, I felt as though, I needed to seek the best of myself; therefore underwent the journey of facing and loving myself through yoga. If we do not self-love and self-accept, we cannot seek change within ourselves or love/accept others that surround. Often, individuals practice yoga to seek change – change of the body, change of the mind, but ultimately change of a life. Yoga is often seen as a physical practice; however, it is really very mental. Whenever we practice yoga, whenever we take our seat, whenever we close our eyes – the mind is there. Yoga interconnects the emotional level and our heart level of our being with the practical and analytical mind level.

As experienced, practices can be uncomfortable, painful, or emotional as past injuries, fears, and/or insecurities are released, but for the most part, practices are exhilarating as there is realization that all is possible in life as we strive to reach our highest potentials. As you practice yoga, keep in mind your own goodness, and consistently remind yourself that you are enough. Entering a yoga practice from a small mind that is already contracted, no matter how persistently you stretch into a variety of asana’s or poses, will make no difference in the level of love and happiness in your life. Have a new understanding of what a posture brings, it brings a new understanding of yourself and all the infinite beauty you hold within.

The ability to reach for a better life and the capacity to truly affect great change in the life of others will flourish. Unnoticeably and ultimately you can heal the world, one breath, one moment at a time

Be willing to change. Make a wholehearted commitment to your practice, finding discipline in committing to a regular and manageable schedule so that you can reap and see all the associated benefits. Yoga is not something you do once a month or because you need a good stretch even though this is what most of the world thinks. At times, we sort of show up when it’s convenient or absolutely necessary. Keeping committed and dedicated to a regular ongoing yoga practice may not always be easy, but being dedicated to your growth as an individual is a selfless act.
Everything in life has a cycle of birth, growth, decline, and death. When something feels dead, it needs to be pinaacknowledged. If these feelings are not acknowledged they begin to spread through your life. If you are willing to explore the deadness and listen to the messages it gives you, you will begin to find out what is behind it, and what you need to do about it. Perhaps you have deep wants that are not being satisfied. Perhaps you see that what is known as a calling, a signal from Rumi called “the pull of what you really love”. It takes time to recognize this.

Purify and detoxify your body. Allow it to be less confused, more sane, and less distracted by dullness, allow yourself to shine more like a gem – bright and brilliantly. Over time, you will become softer in your practice, more confident in your body, and more balanced in your relationships with self and others. The very fact that we exist in our bodies is miraculous. When we clear the space, create and intention and dedicate the fruits of our practice, there is lightening of the heart. This is your own hugely generous and limitless inexhaustible true self.

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Pina Russo- January 2016