Read here to learn how to register for our pre-natal programs!



The Yoga Loft offers ongoing MONDAY evening pre-natal classes, taught by long-term instructor Tania McCartney. Tania practiced yoga through her own pregnancies, and her extensive training make her a  fantastic resource for moms to be. Our Tuesday 7pm Restorative Class is also pre-natal friendly!

Current Class Schedule

Monday 7-8:15pm
$15 per class

Classes are pre-register only and run monthly. Once you are enrolled you have priority for the next months session of pre-natal classes. There is sometime  a waitlist – you may need to wait 4-10 weeks to begin. Too inquire about space and to register please do the following:

STEP 1:  create an account if you do not already have one.TO DO THIS CLICK HERE

STEP 2:  Be sure to add a payment method so we can add you to the prenatal class when a spot comes available.  When we begin to move people into the class spots go first to people who have a valid credit card on their file. Your payment is processed once a month for the upcoming month’s classes.  Once you start attending class, we check in mid month to see if you are coming back and process your registration for you.

STEP 3:  email us at to be added to the waitlist or the next upcoming class if there is space available- be sure to add to your contact list so emails from us that come when you receive a spot are not missed.  Also let us know your due date and ideal start month.

STEP 4:  While waiting for a spot, you are also welcome to attend our Tuesday drop in classes taught by Tania- from 7-8:15pm she teaches a prenatal friendly Yoga for Deep Relaxation class that can be attended by those on the waitlist and by those who are in prenatal yoga who would like to add a second practice into their program. Pay drop in or use a punch car or unlimited studio pass to pay for this class. If you are new to the studio take advantage of the $40 welcome special.

You may also want to check out Tania’s Yoga for Labour prep workshop- a 2.5 hour session that will introduce you to yoga techniques that you can use during birth. For more info click here.


Pre-Natal yoga helps you adjust to your changing body through its growth and evolution and helps prepare body, mind and heart for both birth and motherhood. Class includes: breathwork (Pranayama); physical postures (asanas); and relaxation/meditation, helping you connect with your body and baby.  It will help you prepare for childbirth as you strengthen the pelvic muscles and legs, open your hips, and release tension in your upper body. It will also improve cirulcation, aid in digestion and relieve some of the overall discomforts of pregnancy. A great place to connect with other pregnant women, sometimes creating relationships that carry forward to playdates after birth!

Education is an ongoing part our programming- it is integrated within the class so you are on the mat rather than sitting and listening to someone talk as if in a classroom setting. Come meet other moms to be- join us for prenatal yoga at the Yoga Loft.


Tania’ education includes a 750 hour teacher training program, 2 prenatal yoga teacher trainings and a year long internship with her teacher in Toronto with over 40 years of experience. With this extensive knowledge she has offered Prenatal Teacher Training programs attended by other teachers who are now offering prenatal classes in the community.  Tania has 2 girls of her own and has taught these classes and our mom and baby classes for 5 years now- her extensive knowledge of pelvic floor issues is integrated into everything she offers and she is starting to collaborate with a local physiotherapist who also focuses on perinatal health.  Finally she also offers a Yoga for Labour Preparation  workshop at our studio to help prepare both mom and birth partner for their birth experience – it also typically sells out.

ABOUT MELLISSA (Sub for prenatal and teacher of post-natal classes!)

Mellissa has been teaching fitness & yoga in Kamloops since 2010. She teaches Hatha yoga classes as well as prenatal, postnatal classes for pelvic floor health and mom & baby classes. Mellissa’s yoga journey began in 1996 when she attended her first yoga class. That first class started the spark to the flame and yoga has been part of her life ever since. Over the years with her devotion she discovered that the practice was so much deeper than just the physical. Finding herself continually amazed at the positive effect holistic yoga has on her life. Yoga was a big part of Mellissa fertility journey, pre/post-natal and long term recovery from the birth of her twins in 2014. Mellissa is a passionate Yogini and her intention is to guide others on a positive path of healing setting them on their own yoga journey. Mellissa moved to Kamloops in May 2010. She happily resides in Kamloops with her husband their twin daughters, Jeenie & Ruby and their 4 legged daughter (dog) “Miss Jeepers”.