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Children’s Yoga Programming at the Yoga Loft-Two Streams to Choose From! IMG_4370

The Yoga Loft offers two different styles of children’s yoga programming. Our more traditional offering of yoga class is offered on Saturdays -Kids Yoga Movement and Mindfulness for ages 6-12  takes place fomr 11:45-12:45pm. Hello Yoga Ages 5-9 runs from 1:15-2pm (Hello Yoga will return in the fall of 2019).  These classes are taught by Mariko Shirato and include elements of movement, mindfulness, breath awareness, mini meditations and games to help children develop motor skills, attention, and emotional balance. No previous yoga experience necessary. NOTE for 2019 there will be limited Saturday offerings as Mariko will be in yoga training!

Our second program is Kids Yoga4Life.  It is a specialized “yoga school” program which includes practice of poses and mindfulness as well as a leveled program where kids learn how to plan classes and teach based on principles of Grounded Yoga of Atlanta Georgia, where instructor Marcia Wilson did her primary kids training. Kids who attend this program must have a high degree of commitment to their practice- both the poses that form class AND the Yoga school offerings where we learn in depth about the practice and how it carries over into life. Kids Yoga4Life is offered on Wednesday, 3:15-4:45pm. Prior yoga experience helpful but not necessary. Class assistant Mikayla – trained in the program- assists and often leads the pose portions of the classes.IMG_4213


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Kids need balance too! Movement, mindfulness, self awareness.  It can be hard to find time to fit in all the activities that we know are important- swimming, music, dance, soccer, art- it’s an endless list.  The good news?  Our programs are short (6-8 weeks long) so they don’t require a year long commitment. And your kids are welcome to move in and out of our programming as the season dictates.  Soccer ends?  Come do a few weeks of yoga to learn how to handle anxiety from competition.  Struggling with gross motor movement in gym class?  See how yoga can help your child develop a different sense of body awareness.


Kids Yoga4LifeIMG_5576
Kids Yoga4Life is a unique class which combines traditional kids class offerings of yoga poses, breathing and mindfulness with a multi-aged school like setting where children take their learning to a more in depth level. In the “school” portion of class kids learn more about the benefits of the poses, as well as how to use the practice of yoga to help oneself and others deal with day to day challenges such as focus, attention, anxiety, overwhelm, fatigue and confidence.

The kids mentor each other with the support of the lead teacher and teaching assistants (senior students in the program!), and learn to design themed yoga sequences that they can use at home or offer out to classmates, community groups, family and friends. Learning to teach these sequences involves development of confidence and voice, and the ability to respond to others depending on their needs. The program is levelled with colored bandanas awarded to recognize learning achievements. Yoga journals, pose resource books, and other supports for practice support learning and crossover of their skills into home and school.

Students who attend this program must been keen and interested in all aspects of the program.

Guest instructors may be invited to offer specialty classes in partner/acro yoga, movement skills, yoga games and other related areas of practice.

Kids Yoga4Life is offered on Wednesday, 3:15-4:45pm.

Pricing includes access to most materials and resources for the program, which are imported from Grounded Yoga in Atlanta, Georgia.  Some materials- such as the $15 pose workbook- may be purchased by each family for home use.

Cost $17 per class- register for a session at a time. No drop ins.

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Hello Yoga! with Mariko  Ages 5-9

Yoga for younger ones ages 5 to 9. This 45 minute class includes movement, mindfulness, breath awareness, mini meditations and games designed to help young ones learn about themselves and how they fit into the world around them. Must register for whole session- no drop ins.  $13 per class.

  • Saturday 1:15-2 pm  ON HOLD SPRING 2019

Kids Yoga Movement & Mindfulness with Mariko- Ages 6-12

Yoga for children ages 6-12. This 60 minute class includes movement, mindfulness, breath awareness, meditations and games to help your child develop motor skills, attention and emotional balance. Must register for whole session- no drop ins.  Cost $13 per class- register for a session at a time. No drop ins.

  • Saturday 11:45-12:45pm  May 4-June 22 no class May 18

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DSC_2820Mariko teaches yoga for older adults and has apprenticed with Marcia, assisting in the Yoga Loft’s children’s programs, since 2014. She studied with Todd Inouye in 2013 earning her RYT200 through the Yoga Loft, and has since completed the Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Mariko loves each child’s unique personality and physical ability.  Her belief that “all children are sparkling geniuses” guides her as she seeks to explore each support each child’sinner/outer beauty and speciality. Also she is a gentle naturalist and has a degree in  Natural Resource Science from Thompson Rivers University where she learned to love exploration of biology and ecology. This guides her desire to share the respect to the earth and its biodiversity with children. Mariko looks forward to meeting your children and sharing her energy and yoga with them.





img_8382I come to the yoga world with a passionate belief in living a life that connects and inspires. This philosophy fuels my life both on and off the yoga mat. I’m a mom, a lifelong learner and a deeply passionate and open being. My life explorations have included studies in occupational therapy and biochemistry, long self propelled journeys by bike and foot in mountains and on remote roads, and testing my edge in triathlons of all distances including Ironman. My yoga journey has included exploration of Anusara, Ashtanga, and Bikram yoga. I teach yoga full time as an expression of my belief that we need to look creatively at how we can best care for ourselves and the world around us. My training is primarily US based including over 750 hours of study with Martin and Jordan Kirk, Noah Maze, Marc Holzman, Paul Muller Ortega, Todd Inouye and John Friend. My kids yoga training includes studies with Cheryl Van Cleave Crawford and Amy Haysman of Grounded: Yoga, Laughter, Elevation in Atlanta, Vanessa Braun of Storyoga and Ryan Leier of Vinyasa Yoga for Youth. I have been teaching children since 2009 and full time to adults and children since 2010. Creating and connecting are my passions.