In Western society stressful careers, busy, fast-paced lives, and full schedules mean we are often living on “auto-pilot”. Perhaps we are stuck in the past or future, or focused on things we have to do. Over time, we lose the ability to create satisfaction and happiness for ourselves.

Mindfulness is exactly the opposite of automaticity. In the present moment, we can nurture a greater understanding and nonjudgmental acceptance of ourselves. By cultivating a practice of mindfulness, we can connect with our inner selves and the world around us. This is the art of conscious living.


In this course your will learn mindfulness techniques that support active choice and conscious responding, rather than reacting. Align your emotions and actions with your inner self, so that you can combine your yoga practice with your life in the outside world. Awaken to your life and live consciously.
  • 4 week pre-registration course- must register for the whole series
  • Sunday nights 6:15-7:45pm Jan 10,17,24 and 31
  • cost: $17 per class- members $14 per class
  • series includes journalling and homework

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Workshop 1: What is mindfulness and why practice it?Neurobiology of mindfulness & how the brain works.
Setting intentions. How to be aware and pay attention. Loving kindness. Meditation journal.Workshop 2: Where to start with Mindfulness? First steps of a practice. Let’s try together. Mindfulness at home. Road Blocks & Solutions.Workshop 3: Specific Mindfulness Skills. Breath. Thoughts. Present Moment. Emotions. Physical Body.  Meditation Journal.

Workshop 4: Mindfulness for health. Mood disorders (depression, anxiety, panic). Attention. Pain & Sleep. Stress & Anger Journal.

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**Participants will have the opportunity to try various skills building activities such as: meditations, guided imagery, physical exercises, and journal prompts. Each participant will be given a booklet with handouts as well as a pen/pencil.

Taught by Rolynda Simpson


About Rolynda

“I am a Certified Canadian Counsellor with the Canadian Psychotherapy and Counselling Association, and I am a member of the BC Chapter of CCPA.  Born and raised in Kamloops, I am married and have three children.  As teacher with the school district, I completed a Master of Education in Counselling; a three year program with coursework, supervision, and practical experience. My experience includes eight months in the counselling department at Thompson Rivers University, supporting students in a variety of areas of personal counselling, academic success, and career counselling.  Using techniques that are suited to each individual, I am able to support, guide, and encourage clients to find direction and strength within themselves, through the counselling process.

In addition to counselling education and experience, teaching in the public school system has allowed me to work with many students and families, supporting special needs and learning difficulties, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, stress, and adolescent struggles.  Additionally, I have worked with parents in the areas of special needs designations, academic success, parent-child relationships, and communication skills. My experience in the public school system offers youth and families greater insight, understanding, and peace of mind when navigating confusing or stressful situations in the that may arise.  With my experience, I aim to provide a foundation that serves to empower youth, suggest tools and techniques for success, and offer support to parents.”