by Tania McCartney

My sincere greetings and I am hoping that this post meets you in good health in this swift transition from Summer to Fall/Winter!

I am writing to let you know about a series of 3 workshops that I am teaching this fall called Movement Medicine. 

The last workshop I taught was in February – Trauma Informed Yoga. I am so passionate about this area of study. But, since then I have had one of the most challenging years of my life on top of 5 previously challenging years full of financial instability, young children, several jobs, and sick parents. This year, my mom went into residential care, my husband changed careers, and my father passed away. While I had intended to create an 8 week Trauma Informed Yoga Series to run this fall, this was not mentally and emotionally possible. This summer, my body and brain shut down and I was incapable of doing anything but getting off the couch to go to work. 

I am so grateful for my yoga practice, but most of all, for the love and support of my community. I laid some ground work over the last 8 months and have been able to make some lifestyle changes that have put me in a place where my head is finally above water, and I am slowly feeling more and more buoyant – and capable. 

The bright light in all of this was going to Toronto for an Accessible Yoga Conference in June. The conference was okay, but I was able to attend 6 yoga classes at the studio that I did my training at. I was so inspired! Esther Myers Yoga Studio has been open for 40 years and the practice is so simple and elegant. It meets each student where they are at and offers an opportunity for one to explore and learn about themselves. 

Over the past 11 years of teaching I have made things my own, been guided by my intuition and passion, been influenced by the people in my classes, and the other teachers around me. My classes look more or less like a conventional yoga class. The classes I attended in Toronto did not always look like a traditional yoga class. My teachers and the students asked questions during classes, and talked about experience. My teachers taught about things that interested them, that often included other modalities. They included rich and vivid language that connected one to the natural world. They truly conducted themselves as guides instead of gurus, and referred questions they did not feel they could adequately answer to other professionals in the class who had more experience in various fields: rolfers, psychologists, surgeons, naturalists, neuroscientists….

I searched for Esther Myers Studio for 2 years, looking for a place to study and train, and on the first day I entered for class, I knew I was home. Anytime in the last 8 years that I have gone back to that studio, I am again, home. In June, I was hurting. I had hip pain, low back pain, a chronic achilles injury, and a wonky shoulder to name a few… I could not believe how good my body felt afterward. And it is so simple. Whether I was attending a beginner or advanced class, we worked with 3 principles in all shapes and movements – discover relationship to the ground, relationship to the breath and how these relate to freeing and elongating the spine.

The classes at Esther Myers Yoga Studio are typically 1.75-2 hours, allowing the space for inquiry and reflection. I am offering 3 classes themed on the 3 principles to share this beauty and ease with you. I will offer them to you in the same spirit as an Esther Myers class: a class that is thoughtful, rich, and playful. 

Come and immerse yourself in a balm for your body. 

The Ground ~ Oct 21st 

The Breath ~ Nov 18th

The Spine ~ Dec 9th

See the poster linked below for times/investment.

You can register here:

The class is for all levels, it trauma informed, of course, and you can take 1 or all 3 for a discount.