Self care and nourishment… what does your practice look like? Join Marcia September 10 for a 2 1/2 hour self care workshop where you will learn some nourishing techniques to take home with you.

The session will begin with Restorative Yoga -Marcia recently returned from San Francisco where she studied with Judith Hanson Laster and she can’t wait to introduce you to a deeper level of rest and relaxation.

The second half of the workshop she will introduce the practice of self massage- one of the keystones of self care from the world of ayurveda. Learn how to make this practice a part of your daily and weekly self care routine to the benefit of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

You will learn:

-how, where and when to do self massage
-best choice of carrier and essential oils for your constitution
-when not to do self massage
-the positive effects of self abhyanga
-specific techniques for caring for the feet, scalp, ears and for massaging the full body

Sunday September 10 at the Yoga Loft

*no charge for ‘Art of Self Care’ registrants
*$50/$40 yoga loft unlimited pass holders (intro month pass does not apply)

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