Looking to join us? Official registration has closed AND there may still be a spot for you!  Email marcia@youryogaloft.com for more information and to confirm availability. Returning to Panama for 2019.  Join Dan Hines and Marcia Wilson for this themed yoga and Courage & Renewal experience in beautiful Panama from Februrary 24 – March 2, 2019. We will play and learn at Sansara Surf and Yoga Resort in beautiful Cambutal, Panama. Registration now open to the general public- program alumni have already reserved spots!

Navigating My Life- A Pacific Panama Retreat with Dan Hines + Marcia Wilson

The theme guiding this exploration is Wayfinding.  Wayfinding is the traditional art of navigating the open ocean.  Sansara offers a beachfront location and graceful thatched roof studio facing the Pacific Ocean: waters where ancient navigation practices are being rediscovered among the Pacific Islands.

Through practices that will include yoga, journal writing, mindfulness, and large and small group work, we will be attentive to our bodies, listen to our hearts and minds, and invite our personal narratives to speak to us.  The stories and images of wayfinding will guide us as we navigate the complex environment of human life.

Explore with Marcia and Dan, experienced teachers and facilitators, who are excited to weave together their distinctive learning from their lineages and traditions. Retreat dates: Sunday, February 24, 2019 – Saturday, March 2, 2019 at Sansara Resort.

TO REGISTER EMAIL marcia@youryogaloft.com


Join Us! Contact Sansara resort directly re potential remaining space

This retreat is for you if you are looking for:

-a boost to your physical, mental and emotional health
-a chance to travel to a safe country with experienced teachers and leaders who are connected to the host community
-a retreat where the leaders have you in mind at all times
-a yoga retreat for real people with real life challenges like extra weight, injuries and illness, and emotional stress
-a yoga retreat where it is not about the pose- it is about finding a practice that supports you
-a deeper experience exploring your life and the way are you are navigating the questions in your life

More about Navigating My Life– Our 3rd Return to Panama! 

Feb 24-March 2, 2019

This retreat is part yoga, part conversation+  lecture + learning using circles of trust practices, and part deep connection with a beautiful land that is in itself transformative.  Using the metaphor of Wayfinding- the ancient Polynesian practice of ocean navigation without instrumentation- we create a space of possibility and learning as we spend time at the nourishing Sansara retreat centre.

This retreat will appeal to you if you are looking for a retreat that is MORE. More than just yoga. More than just listening to lectures. And more than limiting your learning experience to a structured indoor setting. Accessible to all, it is a chance to reset as you participate in the way that meets your needs. The yoga practice is highly accessible- many of our attendees for past events have had medical and joint issues.

Dan and Marcia’s ability to interweave their experiences and teachings makes for a magical experiences.  Dan’s focus is on sharing his growing knowledge of Wayfinding and offering beautiful and mindful practices of listening and contemplating how concepts of wayfinding map over to our own life experiences.  Marcia’s ability to intuitively teach practices framed in the context of the themes Dan introduces each day  creates opportunity to use yoga to deeply embed the learning into body mind and heart. Each practice is unique and at the same time relevant for retreat attendees.

Additionally, Marcia and Dan offer the opportunity for out-of-session small group and one to one chats to further explore personal questions of growth, transition and self care in the context of mindfulness, yoga, and ayurvedic daily habits of self care.  Dan and Marcia also work with retreat attendants to develop a transition plan for your return home to your home base- your island.

Your week with us might include:

-morning movement and meditation practice to create a mindful structure for the day
-soul boat breakfast of fresh papaya and homemade granola
-deep learning and insight through study of the practices of Wayfinding and working with its relevance to how we navigate through our own days and lives. This will include teaching by Dan on Wayfinding techniques- including his hand son demos in sand!- embodying and exploring ideas through yoga practice- and journaling, star watching, water and beach time and pool time
-afternoon surf sessions, sailing, a hike or biking the back roads
-evening restorative yoga practices
-group dinners

What is Wayfinding?

Wayfinding is the ancient Polynesian technique of open ocean navigating without instrumentation. Highly skilled “navigators” used their understanding of star and bird signs, wave patterns, and oral history to safely navigate from one island to another. These cultural practices are being revived in Hawaii and Dan has studied with some of the key leaders in this revival of this practice.

Wayfinding explores ideas of navigation in the context of our own lives

-leaving your home island and making landfall at your destination
-knowing the difference between deep patterns in ocean and life and the little storms and local wave patterns that may interrupt you/
-creating a vision for where you are going- and holding that vision
-watching for signs and trusting as you near your destination

Check Out Videos from our 2017 Retreat!

Our Locations

-Casco Viejo- where we stay on arrival in Panama and before we depart for return to home. Our favorite home here?  The Magnolia Hotel and Hostel!

Sansara Surf and Yoga Retreat Center– Cambutal Panama. More than  a surf and yoga center- Sansara has become “home” for Dan and Marcia- a place where we go to meet our family- Sansara owners Mike and Janell and their staff including Lynda and Nick.  Sansara is a prana and energy filled environment located on the pacific coast of panama.  The setting, the deep commitment of the owners to impeccable service, and the cohesive teachings of Dan and Marcia will ensure you are cared for throughout your entire retreat experience

Retreat dates at Sansara:  February 24 – March 2, 2019

What are the travel dates to get to and from Panama City?

*Travel Dates: You will need to book a flight to Panama City in order to arrive by the evening of Sat, February. 23, 2019 AT THE LATEST. WE HIGHLY recommend arriving on Friday if at all possible in the event of airline delays.  For departure, the date to book a flight is Sun. March 3, 2019. (*This allows for shuttle transfer from Panama City to Sansara and return on the dates of February 24 and March 2, 2019. Please note that Panama’s famous carnival is happening the weekend of March 2 so we will want to leave lots of extra time for travel and the unexpected!)  Please know that some of the group will arrive a day or two earlier if you would like to join us in Panama City!


A deposit of $750 USD is required by November 24, 2018 (note the deadline extension!) to reserve a spot (the last two years we sold out of some room types). *This deposit is non-refundable after October 1, 2018 but may be transfered to another participant. The full amount remaining (less the $750 deposit) will be invoiced for payment in early January 2019. Upon registration and payment of your deposit, more program information details will be sent to you (including a sample of previous retreats so you can prepare for the 2019 experience.)
You can contact Dan for the information: dan@danhines.ca

2019 Program Costs by Room Type:

$1,690 USD Quad room (4 people sharing and 8 spaces total)

$1,790 USD Triple room (3 people sharing and 3 spaces total)

$2,050 USD Standard Double room (2 people sharing and 10 spaces total)

$2,200 USD Deluxe Double room (2 people sharing and 2 spaces total)

$2,435 USD Premium Double Suite (2 people sharing and 4 spaces total)

*Please contact us if you would prefer a single occupancy room as this may be possible.

What is included in the program cost?

  • 6 nights of luxury accommodations in our beachfront cabanas at Sansara Resort
  • Arrival day dinner and departure day breakfast
  • 3 healthy, balanced meals daily (5 days)
  • Transportation to and from Panama City to Sansara (*Pickup/drop-off from one of 3 of our
  • recommended hotels)
  • 3 sessions per day with Dan and Marcia
  • 1 Complimentary Group Surf Lesson
  • Complimentary Rentals for SUP and/or Kayak
  • Unlimited use of snorkel gear, bicycles
  • Organic bathroom products shampoo/conditioner/soap
  • Hypoallergenic beddings and towels
  • Beach towels included in room
  • Beach Bonfire Celebration (weather permitting)
  • Cinema Night

What is not included in the program cost?

  • Airfare/Transport to Panama City
  • stays in Panama City prior to or after the Sansara program
  • Travel insurance (recommended)
  • Gratuities
  • Alcoholic Beverages (option to include)
  • Snacks/Smoothies/Juices (option to include)
  • Additional excursions, surf school and/or rentals (option to include)
  • Items of a personal nature/souvenirs

How can I contact Dan or Marcia with any questions? You can contact Dan here: dan@danhines.ca  You can contact Marcia here: marcia@youryogaloft.com

What’s the refund policy?

The deposit of $750 USD is refundable until October 1, 2018. After this date it is non-refundable but can be transferred to another participant.


Useful Links


To view photos of Marcia’s 2016 trip to Panama City and Sansara CLICK HERE
To view photos of Wayfinding 2017 CLICK HERE 

To view photos of Wayfinding 2018 CLICK HERE

To see updates on our Facebook Event CLICK HERE  (once deposit received you will be added to our private facebook group where all details will be shared including our retreat handbook)

Dan and Marcia led us through a magical journey in Panama. The journey took place both inside my head and outside in the world. The program was very well-organized, overall and the day-to-day agenda’s. Their styles with each other created and open and relaxing vibe, allowing for all of us attendees to meet our needs for the trip on any level that was needed. They also were very supportive of the fact that all of our needs varied – it felt okay to fully participate in the yoga and way finding teachings, or follow my own needs and sometimes plan my own afternoon and my own time. I cannot say enough good things about this trip and experience – the only way I was able to say goodbye to the week was to promise myself that I will attend their next offering!

Ali- 2017 Wayfinding Retreat Attendant, New York City

About Dan

screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-6-29-55-pmMentored by activist and writer Parker J. Palmer, Dan serves as a Courage & Renewal facilitator and leadership consultant for individuals and for business, educational, and religious organizations. Dan facilitates workshops in various communities throughout North America including 2017 workshops at Les Monasteres Des Augustines in Quebec, Hollyhock on Cortes Island, BC, and Omega Institute in New York as well as other venues.

Much of his professional experience has been as a priest and ministry coach (Anglican Church of Canada).  For about a decade of life, he managed a wildlife park! As co-founder of the intentional community, RareBirds Housing Co-operative, he has a passion for exploring alternative living and a more sustainable relationship to the land.  He is involved in local social justice, environmental activism and grassroots political work in British Columbia.  In 2017 Dan will be facilitating experiences at personal development centers such as Hollyhock, Le Monastere des Augustines and the Omega Institute. He is an avid yoga practitioner.

About Marcia

Marcia has a passionate belief in living a life that connects and inspires. This philosophy has fuelled her life both on and off the yoga mat. A mom, a lifelong learner and a deeply passionate and open being, her life explorations have included studies in occupational therapy and biochemistry, long self propelled journeys by bike and foot in mountains and on remote roads, and testing her edge in triathlons of all distances including Ironman. Her yoga journey has included exploration of Anusara, Ashtanga, and Bikram yoga. Her current journey? Exploring the edges of vibrant health and energy through practices of yoga, ayurveda and healthy living. She owns and operates a yoga studio in Kamloops, BC – a reflection of her belief that we need to look creatively at how we can best care for ourselves and the world around us.

Marcia trained primarily in the US and has over 1000 hours of study with Martin and Jordan Kirk, Noah Maze, Marc Holzman, Paul Muller Ortega, Todd Inouye, Cate Stillman, Stephen Thomas and John Friend. Her background in health and rehabilitation and her own health challenges of scoliosis and asthma have inspired her to explore all aspects of yoga, including gentler practices such as restorative yoga and subtle practices of breathwork and meditation. Marcia has been teaching children and adults since 2009.

Sansara Wayfinding Experience: A Sample Day with Dan and Marcia

This describes one of the several days we will experience together at Sansara in February/March 2018 during the Wayfinding experience.

  • Another day begins
  • Sunrise and an early walk on the beach or a luxurious sleep in!
  • 7-7:45am Optional Practice – Meditation- might include simple asana, pranayama, or other meditative group practices.  Alternate options- sunrise walk, swim, journalling, sleep in or activity of your choosing)
  • 8-9am Coffee or a smoothie and another beautiful Sansara breakfast to begin a full day together. Order from Sansara breakfast menu.
  • 9:30am-12:30pm Main session of day combining Dan’s work facilitating learning about wayfinding concepts and practices from teh Center for Courage and Renewal with a yoga practice which weaves in the days learnings (see more below about our work together)
  • 1pm- Lunch – healthy, delicious and nourishing. Order from Sansara lunch menu.
  • 2-5pm Free afternoon time- your chance to bike, hike, sleep, swim, surf, paddleboard, massage, rest, tan… your time to be. Dan and Marcia will provide some optional guided resources for journal writing and reflection for those who want to go deeper into learning in the afternoons. Group events like a waterfall hike and surfing are other options.
  • 5-6:15pm Optional evening yoga practice (restorative) themed on the learnings of the morning.
  • 6:30pm Sansara dinner served family style- a beautiful gathering of friends.
  • Post dinner- will vary depending on offered Sansara retreat events and our group’s desires- in 2018 we had a spontaneous dance party and spent time visiting and learning with each other.
  • A quiet time ends our day: a time for further deeper conversation, an evening stroll on the beach to moonlight and a restful sleep for another amazing day

More About the Core Morning Sessions + Faciliated Evening Sessions- A Sample Day

  • First led by Dan, a morning small group teaching session begins on the beach as a ‘Circle of Trust’. Each morning will feature one of the practices of traditional open-ocean navigating (an ancient way of voyaging without maps or compass).
  • Today the learning is about wave patterns. Dan will use sand and stones to help explain the teaching. We will explore stories about the art of using waves to hold to a bearing and to recognize upcoming islands. The wayfinders of the Pacific developed a practice over 80 generations of learning to hold a bearing on the open ocean for weeks at a time using primarily their bodies and their eyes to remain true to a pattern of swells and waves. They learned to feel the rhythm of the ocean and to know what it revealed.  As well, they learned a remarkable sensitivity to perceiving and feeling the ‘shadow’ of islands: the subtle disruptions of wave patterns that extended far beyond the range actually seeing an island. The teaching session goes deeper into soulful practices of incorporating these teachings as metaphors and narratives.  Poetry and storytelling enhance the learning. There is time for writing and for small group sharing.
  • Led by Marcia, back in the practice space we move into the flow of yoga practice, accessible to all and adapted for your needs. The movement of body and life force embodies the morning learning about waves, rhythm, attentiveness, and life direction. We discover that wave patterns surround our lives. Our movement and mindfulness take us into deeper exploration.
  • Facilitated evening programs of Circles practice will include more reflection on wayfinding traditions.
  • This evening, Dan guides us in a teaching from the wayfinding tradition about perspective and awareness. In ancient navigation, there is no ‘bird’s eye view’. A wayfinder navigates from a deep awareness that encompasses all that is experienced from the deck of the boat.  There is no linear movement that can be viewed from above. The universe is the compass. The boat is the needle of the compass. In wayfinding, the boat is visualized as stationary. The past moves away over the curvature of the earth. The future arrives as a manifestation: the realization of a vision of an island that the wayfinder has retained for the voyage.  There is time for reflection together on what the teaching is revealing to each of us.

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