January- Post Natal Pelvic Floor Health 4 Week Series.  February- Emotional Health for Moms 4 Week Series.
New mom’s can experience challenges with adapting to their new role as well as with the physical changes they experience as a result of childbirth.

The Yoga Loft offers Post Natal programming to help mom’s bond with baby, create community, adapt to their new body and step into their new role.

Our programs include classes for Mom + Baby and our newer series of Sunday evening classes which are for moms only.

Mom and Baby Yoga


Mom and Babe classes are Tuesday mornings 10:30-11:45am. Taught by Mellissa, they are for you and for baby.

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Yoga for Mom’s Only

Our two series- OM MOMMA for Emotional Health and  MOMMA CARE for pelvic floor health- are taught by two of our favourite Yoga Loft mom’s!  These classes are for mom’s only!  Please arrange for care for your child so you can fully commit to some self care.

Choose from…

OM MOMMA- Post Natal Yoga for Emotional Health      Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.13.45 AM
Yoga for Emotional Health- For mom’s of young children ages 0-5.
Taught by Nicole Aracki

DATES: February 5-26, 4 week series

TIME: Sundays 7-8:15 pm

COST: $14 per class

This series will focus on the emotional transition into Motherhood. Not every day is easy with young children – in fact, some days are downright difficult. Learn how to keep your Zen during the busy days of early childhood.This program is designed for women experiencing anxiety, sadness, depression, grief, trauma from birth, and the loss of “Self” that many women experience during these first years of Motherhood. In this series, you will learn: – how to ground and center yourself – what self-care really looks like – recognize rising emotions – find your balance in each day

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screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-3-04-59-pmMOMMA CARE- Post Natal Yoga for Pelvic Health
Yoga for Pelvic Floor Health: taught by Mellissa Hubbard

DATES: January 8-29  4 week series

TIME: Sundays 7-8:15pm

COST: $14 per class
Your pelvic floor plays an important role not only in bladder, bowel, reproduction + sexual function, but also plays roles in hip function, breathing, core strategies, standing balance + more! Pelvic health issues related to these many roles are commonly poorly addressed or often left untreated in both women and men and can be particularly prevalent after childbirth.
Join Mellissa for this 4 week series- learn about what is going on with our bodies and how a consistent yoga practice can help you transform your well being and how you feel through improving pelvic floor health.  Mellissa is a mom of twins and an avid love of yoga for health.
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Did you know that the Yoga Loft has been offering perinatal yoga since 2012? We have extensive training and experience in pre and post natal yoga and protect you by carrying prenatal insurance and ensuring we participate in ongoing training. See you on the mat!