Sundays, Feb 2, Mar 1, May 3, 6:30 – 8pm at the Yoga Loft


Start 2020 with a mini retreat, once a month (Feb – May)!  A gift to your body!

Join Amber Hooton, certified Roll Model teacher and RYT 500 yoga teacher in this unique class which will include yoga poses to assess and reassess the effects of yoga tune up ball techniques that will release stress and tension. This class will help you enhance the health of your fascia, release trigger points and tension, improving range of motion and mobility, breathe more deeply, feel relaxed and recovered.

Every class ends in a mini-yoga nidra or yogic sleep relaxation so you can roll home in your deeply released and relaxed self for the best nights sleep! You will take your new yoga tune-up balls home, along with everything you learn to continue your practice and enhance your well-being, always.


Cost for 4 classes: $90 / $80 for Yoga Loft members. Cost includes Yoga Tune-up Balls.
Space is limited. Registration is required! 

Join Amber For This Roll, Release & Relax Mini Retreat!

A Sunday evening, which will enhance your health and help you melt into the best sleep every night.
*Space is limited!*