The kids yoga classes at the Yoga Loft are an opportunity for all of us- teacher and students- to learn from each other. As we talk about the theme of each class we have frank discussions about real life happenings and how yoga applies to our time at school, at home, and with friends and family.  The ability to talk- to have open discussions as we start every class- is a tool that I use to help the children develop a reflective approach to life. How are things going?  How do I feel now?  What do I want to feel like?  What can I do to change things- to transition so that I can move toward the state of calm or focus or peace that I desire?  I use example from my own life- including stories of overwhelm as a working mom- to help them understand that it is a normal process to learn to recognize, reflect and act. Our conversations are always connecting.

As I look back at my early years as an adult I see that  I spent just enough time being reflective to notice that something was not right, but never long enough to create a sense of how to move forward, or how to care for myself to consciously shift out of the fatigue or angst or overwhelm that I was experiencing. The practice of yoga and my time on the mat was the first glimpse I had of the need for pause. Yoga has allowed me to shift how I respond, and to develop the ability to create a strong sense of where I am and what I need.

This week, the kids and I have been talking about the reality of the holiday season. In the midst of all the activity that is inspiring and fun filled, there is much opportunity for high expectations, fatigue, overwhelm, overeating, and overstimulation.  Some of us thrive on the activity, while others may feel pressured to be present at family events and in turn pay a price for not honouring our need for space and quiet.  A proactive approach to managing the energy of the season has great potential to make it more balanced, fun and enjoyable.  So the kids this week created a home yoga program that they can use to take themselves into a space of peace- whatever that means for each of them.

What does this holiday season hold for you?  Is there enough time in the midst of it all for you to pause and reflect?

The invitation today is to to create more space, more room for self care in the form of reflection and adjustment.  Find your mat. Lay it down. Child’s pose. Warrior 2. Tree pose. Legs up the wall. Long exhalations. All opportunities for resetting.