Key Habits of Ayurveda- 2 free sessions!

Monday August 20 from 7-8pm at the main studio and Tuesday August 21from 12-1pm at the Mini Loft

Sleep Secrets: Key Habits of Ayurveda.

Learn why sleep matters, what you may be doing to make yours worse, and how to create routines that serve your highest need for sleep and self care.

Taught by Yoga Loft owner Marcia Wilson- Certified Yoga Health Coach, yoga teacher, health professional.

Learn more about Marcia’s work by checking out her web site The Art of Self Care

Note: evening session is held at the main Yoga Loft Studio- day session is held at the Mini Loft 4-375 4th Ave just around the corner!

SUMMER LIVING- Key Habits of Ayurveda Session

Register now! There is limited room available at the Tuesday session which is held at our mini studio 4-375 4th Ave. Save your space now!