Sunday, Jan 28th 1 – 4PM Cost:$50.00

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Trauma Informed Practice (TIP) it is a way of working with a client, within an organization, and through all levels and sectors of health care, that is as safe, respectful, and collaborative as possible.

Everyone benefits from this style of practice but our clients who have been experienced trauma will feel like they have landed somewhere safe, and potentially ready to heal.

Among all Canadians, 76% of all adults report having experience some form of trauma and 9.2% meet the criteria for PTSD. You have most certainly encountered someone who is traumatized.

So how do we adapt our practice?

This workshop will involve a short lecture about Trauma and how we can create safer spaces, an active and restorative yoga and breathing practice through a trauma-informed lens, and space for questions at the end.

Tania McCartney is a rehab assistant who works predominantly with those with brain injuries and trauma. She has been teaching yoga for 10 years. Tania began studying Mental Health and Trauma Informed Practice in 2013 and has continued to look into trauma through the lens of a yoga teacher with teachers such as Molly Boeder Harris and Michael Stone.

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