Anxiety may be something you have experienced, in small doses or for longer periods of time. Seasons in our life bring different joys and different struggles. You may have a loved one or work with people who suffer from anxiety. Our flight or fight response needs to work. It allows us to respond to danger and to gives us the motivation to meet deadlines and achieve goals. But sometimes this response can be on a hair trigger, and sometimes it can seem as if it is there for no obvious reason at all. The symptoms of fear and anxiety can feel like the same thing. But with fear there is often a clear and present danger, and with anxiety, we may not be able to put our finger on what is making us feel uneasy. 

I was interviewed last week by CBC about the upcoming Yoga for Anxiety workshop that my teacher, Tama Soble is running on February 9-10. Most yoga classes offer solutions for unease. Often times we will feel better after a yoga class if we were feeling anxious. What this workshop offers is the opportunity to explore this concept explicitly, in a safe and accessible environment. This workshop will offer simple information and practices to use on a day to day basis. If any of this resonates with you, this might be the weekend workshop for you. You can take a listen to the CBC interview below:

You can also read an interview with Tama and watch a short interview with the teacher if you are interested:

Join Tama for this Yoga for Anxiety Workshop!