We have some exciting updates and reminders about our Drop-In classes this winter. Check it out below:

1. Classes With Wayne Updates starting Feb 5th!

Friday – 5:30 pm – ‘Challenging Boundaries Flow’
A challenging flow class that will both stretch and strengthen your yoga practice. This intermediate class will include a strong flow sequence that utilizes ujjayi breath to deepen your practice. Instruction will focus upon the Universal Principles of Alignment (UPAs) throughout the practice. Participants can expect to work upper body and core strength, incorporating binds, arm balances, inversions and backbends. Be prepared to do a variety of flow sequences. It will be assumed that participants already have a regular yoga practice. This will be a fun class to end your week and begin your weekend.
Wednesday – 9:00 am – ‘Morning Flow & Meditation’
A gentle morning practice that both wakes up and opens the body to begin the day. Participants can expect sun salutations sequences that incorporate downward dog, cobra and lunge poses. A key focus will be opening up the various areas of the body such as hips, hamstrings, the spine and chest. Participants can expect the class to include some balance poses and gentle twists. The final portion of the class will incorporate a seated and somewhat guided meditation. Prior experience with meditation is not required.

2. Attention All Early Birds!

Did you know we offer early morning classes twice a week? These classes are meant to energize your day!

Tuesdays with Charlie and Thursdays with Vivian at 6:30am.


3. ‘Strength and Balance’ with Aina moved to Mondays at 7pm.

All of these classe are drop-ins so you can use an unlimited pass or punch card to pay for them.

New to the studio?  Just come 10 minutes early to settle in and sign a waiver your first time at the studio.

Can’t wait to have you join us at our drop-in classes!

Check out these beautiful classes if you haven’t yet.