May 29 7-8:30pm is our Next Session of Collaboration of Yoga and Vibration of Sound


Vibrant yoga with Natalie Saari accompanied by live acoustics and music.15972523_10158011187010237_388848298780337644_o

Sound, like all wave patterns has the potential to create harmony or dissonance. The yoga of sound is a profound tool of the yogic system that can help us to achieve union on a cellular level, through the principles of vibration and resonance.

All life communicates through wave patterns, from the electrical impulses of the brain to various parts of our body, to thoughts and emotions, to the precious rhythms of our heartbeat.

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Monday May 29 7-8:30pm

Class is a drop in class. You are invited to MAKE A DONATION to the Yoga Loft Community Fund which supports community initiatives including the Starfish Program which is jointly run by the Kamloops Food Bank and the Kamloops Rotary Club.

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